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Mens Fashion

Men’s Fashion is very alive and kicking. After an exciting 2012 there is a lot to look out for in year 2013. Fashion designers like Massimo Piombo, MP di Massimo and Toddy Snyder are burning the runways in New York, Milan, and Prague with their choice of colors and design. What is the hottest tend going to be in men’s fashion 2013? Is it the washed out look? Or, is it minimalistic design with plenty of plaids that is going to hold sway in 2013?  Here are some answers.

Mens Fashion


  • Hold firm on Blue

Blue still rocks! Light blue, dark blue, navy blue, turquoise blue – there is a lot to play with. Men’s fashion 2013 will see the use of more playful shades in blue. Suits, shirts, trousers and accessories – make sure you get the right shade of blue.

  • Spend on Jackets

The weatherman predicts that the winters are going to be tough, really tough unlike last year’s winter. Fur lined jackets are the perfect for keeping you warm during the cold winters ahead. Heavy military style jackets are going to make a grand entrance this year. Make sure that you chose the right kind of boots to go with your jackets.

  • Footwear

There is a saying that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes. Boots are making a big comeback this season. Long boots are an integral part of Men’s fashion 2013. Make sure to pick your pair at your nearest shoe dealer.

  • Fabric

You can experiment with the choice of your fabric. If you want to cultivate the careful rustic look chose tweed. Tweed jackets will keep you warm during the cold winters ahead and help you make the ultimate style statement.