Best Packages of Tour Komodo Island

Best Packages of Tour Komodo Island

Are you planning a vacation to Indonesia? Which places you want to visit; Bali, Lombok, Labuan Bajo? That’s too mainstream. Will I show you one of the coolest tourist locations in Indonesia today? The place name is ‘Komodo Island’ and you can choice best packages of komodo island tours. Have you ever heard this place? Maybe there are still not many people who know because it’s not so popular. However, this is the best tourist location in Indonesia. So, how to tour Komodo Island? Let’s read on here bellow!

Tour Komodo Island will be very good and recommended to use the package. There are many Komodo Island tour packages offered by travel agents who are there. You only need to contact and then order one of the packages that is in accordance with what you need and financial conditions.

What is Tour Komodo Island and What Things to Do There?

One of the initial questions that you might ask is ‘what is Komodo Island and what can be done there?’ Now the question is indeed important to answer. Please note that the Komodo dragon is called because there are animals called ‘Komodo dragons’. It is a ‘little dinosaur’ that is still alive today. The existence of this animal is very rare in the world. It’s such a wonderful moment for you to see them directly as part of dragon island tours.

Although there are many Komodo dragons, but that does not mean that tourism activities can only seeing the Komodo dragons. There are many other activities that we can do there, some of which are:

  • See and interact with Komodo dragons
  • Trekking; such as Rinca Islands, Padar Island and other
  • Watching unforgettable sunset
  • Trekking Pink Beach, etc.

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How To Get To Komodo Island?

For you who are really interested to come there, it’s important to find know the ways to get there. Actually, there are some ways you can do such as flying to international airport Labuan Bajo, then charter live board, or even private cruise. Besides that, you can reach Komodo Island also from Bali and Lombok with boat or live board.

Want to Get Simple Way? Order Tour Komodo Island!

If you want to get really simple way to get the Komodo Island, it’s really recommended for you to pick packages of tours komodo island lombok. Actually, there are many komodo island tour packages you can pick. However, firstly it’s important for you to know which travel agent which will be chosen for selecting komodo tour package.  Besides, make sure to check also the komodo island tour price and other detail such as whether going to get komodo island tours from cruise ship or just using a usual boat.

If you want to find best travel agent for helping you get the komodo island pink beach and other, I recommend you to visit You will get enjoy to make a memorable and unforgettable tour Komodo Island.