Best Men Fashion Suits For Yourself

Best Men Fashion Suits For Yourself

Nowadays men’s suit can wear on many occasions not only for business purpose. It can represent men’s sense of style and be a foundation of elegant fashion for men.  If you have this  kind of body type ( tall and skinny ). Many times you might have some difficulties in picking best men fashion suits for yourself. But if you know how to choose your suit properly. You still be able to look awesome!

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Here are some tips for you.

Use heavy fabric as a material of your men fashion suits. Heavy fabric can make you look bigger . On the other hand light fabric can make you look even skinner… So avoid it ! I suggest a wool to be your solution here.For the color , you should go with white , gray or any “bright” color. You shouldn’t  use dark color such as black , dark blue etc.. Because those colors can make you look thinner.If you are tall and skinny. Vent ( in the back of suit) isn’t necessary. But if you really want to have it. Only one vent is enough but please keep in mind that no vent will make your back look fuller.One most important thing that can affect how the guy look on his suit is the button stance. The best option for tall and skinny guy is high button stance.

So how many button we need here?

I suggest three buttons and don’t forget to tell your tailor to put them closer to solar plex.

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